Fiona – Devon

Last summer I had to take extended sick leave, due to work related stress, from a large not for profit organisation that I have worked for for 16 years. Had it not been for the retreat I found at Bowhayes Farm with Lucinda and her horses last summer and since (I am a very regular visitor),  I don’t think I would have recovered and I don’t think I would have found the strength I needed to confront and deal with the issues at work and to insist that my employer take action. I attribute this strength and recovery to the profound yet subtle interaction with the energies of Lucinda’s wonderful herd of horses and her pack of gorgeous dogs, the welcome I always receive from Lucinda and her friendship, the non judgemental atmosphere she facilitates and being with the easy company of like minded people when I am there who are all gentle and caring. All this has helped me find a sense of well being, contentment and peace that I had never thought possible as well as an inner strength I didn’t know I had and ease of being. Lucinda, her horses and everyone at Bowhayes and the magical Bowhayes itself have made this possible.


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