Cathy Taylor, Cornwall

I’ve been a regular visitor to Bowhayes Farm since Lucinda first moved to Devon 6 years a go.

Bowhayes Farm very quickly became a second home to me. Lucinda, the dogs, the horses are like a second family. I arrive and Lucinda’s hospitality, warmth and kindness just envelopes me. It is somewhere that I find time to think, I get to chat, I get to listen, I cry a lot, I laugh a lot. It’s not structured because our minds don’t work like that. Life is demanding, there is no getting away from it. When I am feeling good the juggling act is possible. Motherhood, Career, home, husband, horses…

However, despite all my best efforts I am not a machine. I get stressed, I get tired, I get ran down and then I start making bad decisions, snapping at those I love, get anxious… Sound familiar?

I found the very best thing I can do to resolve the situation is to get away from it all for a couple of days, somewhere where I can really relax, be myself, reflect, talk, not talk. There is only one place that fits the bill, Bowhayes Farm – or The Bowhayes Bubble as I like to call it.
I often feel like I am abandoning ship when I leave home and wonder if going away for a few days/ weekend is the right thing to do? Once I arrive home again, I am refreshed, revitalised and ready to get back to it with vigour.

It’s always worth it and always a different experience. I can’t wait to get back there again!

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