What can De-Stressage do for me?

Release of stress and tension by heightened awareness of the root of the problem. Our tension/stress is highlighted when certain individuals from the herd pick us out to work with. In a totally non-judgemental way these horses seem to look in to our souls and mirror the truth back to us. Once we can recognise where and how we are holding stress and tension we can let it fly away !

Understanding the energy that we project towards others and learning how to adjust it to find renewed assertiveness and leadership qualities. Being amongst the herd it is easy to sense their vibration and compare it with your own. Notice how your personal energy can affect the herd and how you can heighten or moderate it to suit your own requirements. This can make a huge difference in personal and work situations such as interviews, sales pitches, negotiations etc.

In a world driven by logic we can find a new balance by spending some time doing “what feels right” and this change in perspective can create positive changes throughout our lives. Horses do not run their lives on logical criteria and so their right brain, sensing feeling abilities are far greater than our own. They live in the moment, right here, right now – instinctively prioritising survival. In their company we can begin to explore our right brain capabilities and discover greater creativity and freedom of expression.

Discovering self-belief and greater confidence – achieving, without effort, a feeling previously undreamt of, lays open the path to a more positive outlook on life. Whether it is through riding or being guided through handling techniques we can explore, safely, the things that we thought that we could never do. Once positive feedback has been given by a horse, which is essentially a wild animal, then no human can deny that. Finding that deeper connection is remarkably empowering.

De-Stressage is enjoyed by all people of all ages.

De-Stressage is enjoyed by all people, of all ages.

Observing the herd environment provokes thought about relationships and interaction. We have much to learn from the animals. Within the herd, particularly the family groups, there is a structure and hierarchy that constantly evolves and is essential to their survival. It is very nurturing whilst also practicing ‘tough love’ when necessary and all the facets in between. By applying their standards into our own personal situations we can often find another way around seemingly insurmountable problems.

Understanding the link between the physical and the emotional, the effects of habitual behaviour and the causes of ill- health and unhappiness. When you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Changing your approach or, for example, the way that you move can unlock hidden potentials and release toxins from the muscles. Posture can improve and this will have a huge impact on how others view you and react to you.

Create space dedicated to You for Yourself. An opportunity to make a personal self-assessment within a relaxing, non-judgemental and supportive atmosphere. Time spent at Bowhayes is deliberately unstructured – you can come for an hour, a day, a week or however long “feels” right. Our “come in and have a cup of tea” approach is in stark contrast to the psychiatrist’s couch. It is your time and we are just here to accept you exactly the way that you are but ever ready to help in any way that you feel we can. Privacy and confidentiality are key – issues may remain unspoken – the horses will understand!

An opportunity to face fears within an environment that ensures you are supported towards your success! Horses are large and unpredictable flight animals and in many establishments are seen as the enemy – not to be trusted. The generosity of the Bowhayes horses means that they are on your side and enjoy meeting you half way. As you gradually build trust in them so your trust in yourself is enhanced.

Spend time rediscovering Nature, its beauty and the Power and Energy that it offers. Find pleasure in the simple things in life that are given for free and life takes on a new perspective. Bowhayes Farm is situated on the edge of the Blackdown Hills AONB overlooking the Culm Valley. The views from the farm are extensive and breathtaking and immediately you know that you are in the heart of Nature. Town and city dwellers alike will be instantly rejuvenated and all five senses are stimulated. Our accommodation is designed with your comfort as priority and your experience here can cover as much as or little as you wish.

Sessions are tailored to individual or group needs and budgets. Just give us a call to discuss.


Call us on 01823 680321 for further information and advice.

2 Responses to What can De-Stressage do for me?

  1. Jo Harvey says:

    I met lucinda through Ian and Sheila years ago and haven’t forgotten about what she teaches.
    I’d love to spend a couple of days with lucinda and my lovely Friesian mare to help us build a more confident and relaxed approach to she and I understanding one another. For the most part things are good with us but she very quickly loses confidence which can be very frustrating for me as I’m not the best rider. If you feel you could help me or perhaps suggest lessons I would very much appreciate your help. My goals are for Fern (my mare) to relax more and want to learn. Kind regards jo Harvey

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